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Ferguson Votes Against Dems’ Empty Promises, Supports Real Solutions to Gun Violence

February 27, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Drew Ferguson (R-Ga.) today released the following statement after voting no on Democrats’ disingenuous gun control legislation:

“If we want to combat gun violence in this country, we can no longer pretend that false flag legislation like H.R. 8 would bring us closer to this goal. This bill would do nothing to prevent any of the tragic mass shootings our nation has seen over the past several years.

“Instead of parroting liberal gun control lobbyists, Democrats should be working with Republicans to find a solution to the epidemic of gun violence and protect law-abiding Americans’ Second Amendment rights. While the Democrats have been patting themselves on the back, we have been taking action. Last Congress, Republicans passed the STOP School Violence Act which provides schools with resources to keep our students safe.

“We have also introduced the Mass Violence Prevention Act. This legislation would take steps to deter gun violence by improving law enforcement coordination to identify and prevent violent threats, helping to stop black market gun sales and giving the Department of Justice better tools to prosecute and deter gun crimes. These are real steps to end the scourge of gun violence, not a show vote on a bill that won’t even move the needle. I hope that my Democratic colleagues will put aside their talking points and work with us on real solutions to save lives.”