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Exclusive – Rep. Drew Ferguson: Atlanta Braves World Series Victory ‘Karma’ for Major League Baseball


Rep. Drew Ferguson (R-GA) told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview Wednesday that the Atlanta Braves winning the World Series proves that “karma caught up with Major League Baseball.”

Ferguson spoke to Breitbart News after the Atlanta Braves won the World Series Tuesday night, the same night that Republicans swept the country in statewide elections in New Jersey, Virginia, and other localities.

The Braves’ victory represents their first World Series championship since 1995, or over two decades.

Tuesday night’s victory also arose after Major League Baseball (MLB) Commissioner Rob Manfred decided to move the All-Star Game from Atlanta to Colorado, which reportedly cost Atlanta businesses anywhere from $37 to $190 million.

Ferguson, the House Republican chief deputy whip, said that the Braves’ victory serves as a repudiation of Major League Baseball.

Rep. Drew Ferguson (R-GA) speaks as the House of Representatives debates the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump at the Capitol in Washington, December 18, 2019. (House Television via AP)

“First of all, let me say we’re awfully proud of the Braves fans. It was a good night for Georgia, and in a lot of regards, but you know, it looks like… karma caught up with Major League Baseball,” Ferguson told Breitbart News. “And, you know, they, they caused some real harm… robbing our citizens of hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, job opportunities, economic opportunities for small businesses. But, you know what, we got the big prize we got we got the trophy. We got the World Series, three nights of the World Series is pretty doggone good.”

“I think… they’re like a lot of folks and are having a hard time explaining their position,” he added.

Ferguson said that, despite the MLB’s opposition to Georgia’s election integrity bill, which made it easier to vote and installed more voter integrity provisions.

“You can look at the Georgia law, any which way you want to, but the truth of the matter is we made it… easier to vote and harder to cheat. And, listen, fighting for fair elections… with integrity is something that we should always be doing. We should be fighting… We need to continuously improve and… make it more and more secure and easier to vote. So, I think that Republicans in the state of Georgia will continue down this path,” he said.

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