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Congressman Ferguson Blasts Biden Administration’s Incompetent COVID-19 Response

In an interview on Fox Business’s “Evening Edit,” U.S. Congressman Drew Ferguson (R-Ga.) discussed the Biden Administration’s response to COVID-19 and the current Omicron variant surge.

Click here or on the below image to watch Ferguson’s full interview: 

ON BIDEN’S COVID-19 RESPONSE“The word that comes to mind is incompetence. The President and his administration are a day late and a dollar short on this response. I think it is ridiculous that they passed a trillion dollar spending bill earlier last year and only 9% of it went to COVID. They spent the rest of it on stuff not related to public health. I think it is showing up right now. One of the reasons I voted against that bill is that we knew that this is exactly what would happen – it would fall short of meeting the needs of Americans. 


“The President can't make up his mind. Is there a federal response, is there not a federal response? He says the states ought to lead on this, which I do agree with. I don't think that there is a state in the nation that is doing a better job than our state here in Georgia led by Governor Kemp.”


ON THE OMICRON SURGE“We think we're close to the peak on the latest variant. The President will try to deliver everything that will fight the variant, but it will be too late. So the natural immunity that will occur with this is going to provide immunity for so many millions of Americans. It is time to get back to work. Kids need to go back to school. Teachers need to get back to school. Americans need to get back to work.


“We're going to have to learn to live with this. We have to focus on the therapeutics. In the meantime, encourage people to get vaccinated, get their boosters. It does have a profound effect on the illness. May not prevent you from getting it, but prevent you going into the hospital.”


ON THE ADMINISTRATION PLAYING POLITICS“Listen, why hold on to the stockpile? Get it to the Americans that need it, our most vulnerable ones that need to be protected. The Biden Administration has no right to pick and choose winners and losers in life. This is not right. They have got to stop this, release the treatments to the states that need it the most. Quit playing politics with American lives.”



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