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Congressman Ferguson: Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats Are Failing America

In an interview on Newsmax’s ‘National Report,’ U.S. Representative Drew Ferguson (R-Ga.) discussed the Consumer Price Index (CPI) hitting 7% in December 2021, the recent surge of COVID-19, and remarks by President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris about our nation’s election laws.

Click here or on the below image to watch Ferguson’s interview:

On CPI soaring to 7% in December 2021

Look we predicted early last year that by the end of 2021 we would see inflation approach 7%, and that's exactly what we've got. What we're seeing right now is that Americans are suffering because of it. They can't find food on the shelves. When they can, they can't afford it. It's having a really, really negative impact on the quality of life. What small raises people have been getting have been eaten up by inflation. 

“This is a real issue that's hitting American families. Whether it's at the gas pump, whether it's at the grocery store, whether it's buying school supplies, the Democrat policies are failing America right now. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer – the big liberal Democrats are failing America.”

On the COVID surge and getting people back to work: 

“We've got to focus on therapeutics. We've gotta recognize what this variant is doing. What it will do and what it won't do…We've come a long way with this. Testing has gotten so much better.

It's a shame that the administration has failed the American people in providing them enough tests for this. We have three vaccines. Therapeutics are getting better every single month. So, it’s a shame that the FDA is behind the curve. The administration should be pushing them harder to get therapeutics approved more quickly for the American public.

“Bottom line, we have to end the overly generous federal benefits. We've got to incentivize work. We cannot continue to put our fellow Americans on the sidelines. Our economy needs our fellow Americans to participate.

On voting rights legislation and Georgia’s Election Integrity Act:

“First of all, the President's remarks were condescending. They were divisive. They had the wrong tone. And most importantly, the message was wrong. Georgia has worked on its election laws to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat. And that's the position that the state of Georgia is in right now: Making sure that we have fair, open, and secure elections.

“I think for the President and the Vice President to come to Georgia yesterday and give those remarks was tone deaf. It's not what Georgians want. And I think that they need to look at some other states those laws are more restrictive than Georgia's. Look at Delaware. Look at New York. By the way, many of the provisions that they were pushing were rejected by the voters in New York in the last election. And so Chuck Schumer is pushing things that his own state rejected. Democrats will do anything to stay in power. Because they know that their policies are failing, this [legislation] is their attempt to do it.”

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