Dear Friends,

Thursday marked the first anniversary of Joe Biden’s presidency and one-party rule under the direction of a far-left Democrat agenda. During his press conference on Wednesday, he repeatedly asked, what are “Republicans” for? Mr. President, I’ll gladly answer.

I am for:
  • A strong national defense
  • Pro-growth economic policies
  • A working supply chain
  • Lower consumer and gas prices
  • A secure border and safe communities
  • Leadership against adversaries
  • Students in classrooms
  • Law and order
  • U.S. energy independence
  • Protecting the sanctity of life
  • Reining in spending and debt 
  • Upholding the Constitution

I am for the American dream and a strong economy that allows small businesses and families to flourish, not one saddled with debt, inflation, and excessive government spending. I’m for a strong education system that gives parents a say while preparing students for future success. I’m for safe cities and communities. Most importantly, I am for freedom and the opportunity for Americans to live their lives without the heavy hand of government mandating and dictating everything under the sun. If we want to rebuild our struggling economy and allow businesses, families, and individuals to flourish, then government must get out of their way and allow them to do so. The government’s role should be to eliminate barriers to success, not create them.

Unfortunately, the complete opposite is happening in our country right now. The result of Biden’s presidency? 365 days — and counting — of unprecedented crises. Across the nation, we are faced with an economic crisis, an inflation crisis, a supply chain crisis, an energy crisis, a border crisis, an education crisis, a crime crisis, a COVID-19 crisis, a national security crisis, and more, because of failed leadership. It’s self-inflicted — the result of failed policy decisions made by the President and his administration from day one.

I understand that any presidency will be met with challenges. But you can’t ignore that President Biden inherited a historic economic rebound from initial pandemic downturns that beat expectations, provided lifesaving vaccines, reopened major regions from lockdowns, and included strong support from bipartisan COVID relief coursing through the economy — only to wipe out any gains and erode all optimism. At his recent press conference, President Biden said he’s "outperformed expectations." Yes, no one could have anticipated his complete and utter failure of an agenda.

In his first moments in office, President Biden decimated U.S. energy and killed thousands of American jobs by stopping the Keystone XL pipeline. The destabilizing decisions that have hurt our economy, livelihoods, security, and credibility on the world stage have spiraled ever since.

Under his reckless tax-and-spend policies — and completely out-of-control socialist agenda — inflation has reached its highest level in 40 years. Americans are seeing rising costs, bare shelves, emptier wallets, and wiped-out wage gains. You don’t need to take my word for it — you are experiencing it. Anyone going to gas up their car, pick up food from the store — if they can even find what they are looking for — or heat their home is feeling the impact.
At the same time that President Biden is denying and dismissing inflation and its impact on the livelihoods of hardworking Americans, his policies were enriching foreign regimes. The Biden Administration implemented executive orders to halt energy leasing and permits, which ceded energy production to Middle Eastern countries and adversaries like Russia.

Furthermore, he’s greenlighted the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline — Putin’s pet project. Every individual should be wondering why President Biden is willing to kill American pipelines and jobs but advance Russia’s interests. It’s a pro-Kremlin stance, and this feebleness only invites further aggression. We are seeing this right now, as Moscow continues to build up its military presence on Ukraine's border. Putin is making calculations, and recent actions and words by President Biden have been the epitome of appeasement at a time when we need to hold the line with our NATO allies. Supporting Ukraine and our allies should not be viewed as a one-dimensional priority.

President Biden’s actions are being watched and analyzed by our other adversaries across the globe. Between these actions, the fall of Afghanistan, his approval of "humanitarian" funds going straight to the Taliban, signaling a return to the flawed Iran Nuclear Deal, an inability to hold China accountable, and more — we are projecting weakness on the world stage.

It’s sad to say, but as we look back on the last 12 months, every aspect of the Democrat agenda has been totally detached from reality. They are on the record saying they want unity, inflation is temporary, the border crisis is seasonal, there would be no federal vaccine mandate, Americans weren’t left behind in Afghanistan, and the so-called "Build Back Better" bill costs zero. Sadly, every point has been proven false. Worse yet, Washington Democrats continue to think the only solution to their crises is to push more spending, taxes, and debt.
We need the Biden Administration to prioritize the American people, not the whims of radical progressives. I’ll continue fighting for policies that put us back on a path to prosperity.

Ferguson in the Field
Hearing from folks at home is a vital part of my job, and your input goes a long way in my continued work to bring opportunity to our area. Yesterday, I was honored to join members of the Georgia Municipal Association to discuss the many issues facing Georgia and our nation. With the goal of creating a localized strategic plan to address the needs of Georgia’s cities, I am grateful to learn from stakeholders and leaders about what’s important to our communities. Thank you for allowing me to share my vision!

Protecting the Born and Unborn
Since the Supreme Court passed down their tragic decision in Roe v. Wade forty-nine years ago, Americans from all walks of life have come together to protect and defend the sanctity of human life. I am honored to be a part of this valiant community committed to protecting the unborn and standing up against the tragedy of abortion. I am always proud to stand with pro-life Americans as we keep our promise to protect the lives of those who cannot defend themselves.
Again this year, I am honored to have earned an A+ on the Susan B. Anthony List Pro-Life Scorecard. This scorecard tracks my legislative record on abortion and in the fight to protect unborn children and their mothers. I am proud to be pro-life and I will always work to prevent American's taxpayer dollars from being used to fund abortion.

The Week Ahead
This week marks National School Choice Week! It is a time we celebrate parents, teachers, and administrators who work hard each and every day to make sure that our children receive a quality education regardless of their zip code. It is critical to our children’s future that we create an education system that is tailored to fit their learning needs. I will continue to lend my voice in the fight to promote school choice across the nation.

With Congress out of session, I look forward to making stops in Carroll and Douglas counties this week. If you would like to set up a meeting with me (or my staff), or are hosting a community event, please let us know. Hearing the concerns and needs from our community is the most import part of my job. Click here to learn more or request a meeting.
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