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Ferguson Votes Against Dems’ Attempt to Dictate Election Outcomes

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Drew Ferguson (R-Ga.) today released the following statement after voting no on Democrats’ unconstitutional legislation to put the federal bureaucracy’s thumb on the scale in our nation’s elections:

“Democrats have repeatedly claimed that H.R. 1 is critical to safeguarding our democracy, but it is actually their thinly veiled attempt to protect their majority.

“Nothing in this bill protects our citizens’ right to vote. In fact, provisions in this bill put the very security of our elections at risk. By centralizing our election system this legislation would create a single point of attack that would make it much easier for our enemies to disable an entire presidential election.

“To add insult to injury, this legislation would use taxpayer dollars to influence the outcome of our elections by creating a six to one government match for small dollar donations of $200 or less in a congressional or presidential campaign. These are all hard-earned taxpayer dollars that Democrats want to use to bankroll their next campaign.

"State run elections are the hallmark of our democracy, and I will continue to stand against any legislation that consolidates that power with federal bureaucrats in Washington, D.C."


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