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Budget and Mandatory Spending

Balancing our nation’s budget and reining in out of control debt is one of my priorities, which is why I am honored to serve on the House Committee on the Budget. The federal budget should prioritize reducing our debt to facilitate a growing economy that helps all Americans prosper.


The first obligation of our federal government is national security. We must always work to protect our rights and freedoms both at home and abroad. Now, more than ever before, it is imperative our military be at full strength and have the resources they need to combat evolving threats. I believe in peace through strength.


As a member of the Education and Workforce Committee, I hope to enact policies that continue driving education decisions back to the state and local level, closer to our students. In the 21st century we must offer our students new pathways to success.


This Congress will be a consequential one giving us the opportunity to repeal Obamacare and bring patient-centered, market-based reforms to the healthcare industry. This burdensome tangle of laws and regulations is producing unintended consequences that slow innovation and make health care more unaffordable.

Jobs and Economy

We need to ensure that we are taking down barriers to job creation rather than building new ones. America must be the best place in the world to do business. I will fight to lower the corporate tax rate and rein in the regulatory state so that we can encourage permanent job creation and give every American the opportunity to succeed.


In Congress, I will defend the sanctity of life from the moment of conception. I will also continue to oppose the use of taxpayer funding for abortions, the promotion of human cloning or government funding of embryo-destroying stem cell research. I believe we must promote a culture that values and treasures life.

Second Amendment

I am a firm supporter of the Second Amendment. What makes America different from every other country in the world is a steadfast belief in the freedom of our citizens. We trust our freedoms to the people – not to the government. I will fight to maintain our citizens’ right to bear arms.


The tax burden Americans face is too high. The average Georgian taxpayer spends 13 hours each year completing tax forms. Across the country, Americans spend $168 billion annually on tax compliance. One of my top priorities is to reform our tax system to make it simpler, fairer and more competitive.


America should be the most competitive place in the world to do business. Combining the ingenuity of our American workforce with a smaller regulatory burden will allow U.S. manufacturing to compete with any nation in the world.


I am excited to have the opportunity to tackle improvements to our transportation system as a member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. As a former mayor, I have unique insight into the critical role targeted investments in our infrastructure play in permanent job creation.